Sand & Sea Custom Signs

Boynton Beach, Florida
United States

Hello there! Welcome to Sand & Sea Custom Signs, where I pour my passion into creating beautiful and personalized wooden signs. As a graphic designer with over 38 years of experience, I've crafted everything from print pieces to unique wood designs. The beach has always held a special place in my heart—a source of relaxation, inspiration, and tranquility. Growing up on Long Beach Island, NJ, and later relocating to Florida in 1990, I've been able to channel that love into my work.

At Sand & Sea Custom Signs, I strive to capture the essence of your thoughts and emotions. If you can say it, think it, feel it, or even memorize it, I can bring it to life on a sign. Whether it evokes laughter, a smile, or even brings a tear to your eye, I'm here to create a sign that resonates with you.

Prior to my freelance journey, I had the privilege of working in the creative department of a Christian non-profit organization. This role provided me with incredible opportunities, including trips to various countries where we worked, such as Nicaragua. It was during one of these eye-opening experiences that I found a new path—one that led to the adoption of my beloved daughter. Since embarking on this transformative journey, I decided to start my own freelance business, allowing me the flexibility to work from home while pursuing my creative passions.

What began as a delightful hobby quickly transformed into a fantastic gift idea for friends and family. Now, I'm on a mission to turn this beloved hobby into something even greater. That's why I'm thrilled to be here on Goimagine, where I can share my work with all of you, expanding the reach of Sand & Sea Custom Signs.

Each sign I create is carefully crafted from wood, custom-cut to size, meticulously sanded, and adorned with beautiful stains and paints. Every design is unique, ensuring that your sign is a one-of-a-kind piece that speaks to your individuality and style.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey with Sand & Sea Custom Signs. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to bring joy and inspiration into your lives through my creations.


Terri is a wonderful person! I needed my sign for my son within a week. She was prompt and courteous and had it to me within 3 days!!! The MAN CAVE sign was just great!
Really cute and arrived quickly
Really nice and shipped quickly.
These pieces minister to my heart on such a deep level! They are perfect! Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they serve as constant reminders of my faith! And they are handmade with love by an amazing maker, Terri! Thank you so much for making these for me, Terri! Win-win!❤️
Love, love, love these signs! Quality product that says SO much!! ❤️
Perfect gift for my fiancé ! Great communication
My husband loves his sign! It’s so clean cut and shipping was super fast!
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